Corrugated Boxes for all Your Needs in Burlington, GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and South Western Ontario

The corrugated boxes have a wide application in the logistics system of industries, both in distribution and in transport and storage of products. Corrugated boxes help protect your packages in storage and in transport.

Corrugated boxes are used in manufacturing for handling, storage and transport, as well as the primary function of resisting the stacking load.

Currently the corrugated boxes are among the types of containers most used to transport goods due to several advantages:

  • Eliminates the space occupied by wooden boxes
  • Lighter, easier handling, assembly and closure, reduces accidents and lowers freight
  • Provides greater resistance to shock, due to the cushioning effect
  • Recycling corrugated boxes is simple

In some special cases, corrugated boxes can be enhanced with some internal accessories, which may serve to immobilize irregular or very fragile objects. These accessories can be manufactured from the same corrugated cardboard cutout.

Corrugated boxes play an important role in reducing costs in transportation and storage of products.  For over 30 years Brown Packaging has been providing innovative packaging solutions by understanding our customers' needs.  Brown Packaging has earned a reputation in the industry for creative design, superior quality and outstanding customer service.  Let our solutions in corrugated boxes contribute to your business efficiencies.

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