Corrugated Containers are made from High Level Automation in Burlington, Ontario

Brown Packaging specializes in manufacturing corrugated containers. We invest in advanced technology to meet the demands of the market. We have the latest technology with highly skilled and specialized machinery for the production of corrugated containers.
Each stage of the production of corrugated containers is guided by quality and continuous improvement. Investing in sustainability, occupational health and safety provides a better environment for our employees.

Our corrugated containers are produced in an industrial plant constantly updated with the latest innovations of the market. Brown Packaging’s high level automation production provides quality, consistency and agility in customer service. We have a team of highly experienced employees to ensure our corrugated containers are made of the best raw materials.
The attention to storage and logistics are other differentiating factors we are concerned with at Brown Packaging, as well as the environment. The storage of corrugated containers is one of the most important steps in the manufacturing process. We provide the location for storage, logistics storage and delivery that meets our client’s deadline requests.

Corrugated containers are also important for advertising your company. Brown Packaging seeks innovation through partnerships with the most respected suppliers.

Sustainability in the Production of Corrugated Containers

With the spread of eco-friendly products companies are taking responsible for reviewing practices and postures committed to the planet. Brown Packaging is guided by actions in the production of corrugated containers which minimize impacts and preserve the environment.

  • The recycled content is high and once used it is completely recyclable.
  • We focus on minimizing the carbon footprint of all the products that we design.
  • We insure our paper supplier adheres to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative or the Forestry Stewardship Council guidelines.
  • We invest in initiatives and equipment to further reduce material content required in our products.
  • We support organizations like PPEC that are trying to help make a difference and lobby governments to make the right decisions.

Brown Packaging proudly services Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and all of South Western Ontario.