Floor, Pallet and Counter Display Manufacturers in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, Ontario and the GTA

Since its inception in 1979, Brown Packaging has been servicing Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, South Western Ontario and the GTA providing businesses across industries with an extensive range of packaging and display solutions. Our product range includes floor, pallet and counter displays as well as litho mounted die cut boxes, flexo printed die cut boxes, and flexo printed boxes.

Through unique packaging and design, smart pricing strategy and strong brand awareness, companies can successfully compete on the shelves at the retail store level. However, marketing experts point out that those products which are displayed on point-of-purchase floor, pallet or counter displays are more likely to stand out and generate sales. Dynamic and creative displays capture a customer's attention and highlight your brand and product. Through structural creativity and catchy graphics of displays, companies can ensure that their products are visible for customers.

Process of Creating Floor, Pallet and Counter Displays

From design and prototyping through manufacturing and distribution, we ensure that our floor, pallet and counter displays meet all standards and needs of your business.

  • Whether you have your own idea or need advice, our team will help you to create exclusive design for your floor, pallet and counter displays.  With years of experience in designing and manufacturing displays and boxes, we know how to make a display best match business requirements and branding.
  • At Brown Packaging, we have a proprietary verification and customer approval process. Therefore, prior to being manufactured, we present prototype samples of floor, pallet and counter displays to our customers.
  • At Brown Packaging, we offer extensive printing solutions as well as advanced manufacturing facilities located in Ontario which make Brown Packaging stay ahead of other floor, pallet and counter display manufacturers.
  • At Brown Packaging, we guarantee quick and efficient delivery of the final products to our customers.

If you would like more information about our plant facilities and our production process at Brown Packaging, our dedicated team of professionals would be pleased to provide you with a guided tour.

Brown Packaging – servicing Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and all of South Western Ontario.