Let Point of Purchase Displays Help You Sell More in Burlington and the GTA

Advertising in mass media is critical to a brand, but investing in a point of purchase display has great impact in the retail industry where many purchases are unplanned.

Point of purchase displays are marketing materials or advertising strategically placed next to the merchandise it is promoting. These items are generally located at the checkout area or another location where the purchase decision is made.  The point of purchase display explores the marketing of the product, which is among the best practices to help consumers quickly identify a preferred brand, or draw attention to a new brand at the point of purchase.

Point of purchase displays generate good results by ensuring three dimensions are met:

  1. Communication: clear and objective messages to a consumer who will not give more than a few seconds of attention to evaluate what is being promoted by the material.
  2. Visibility: easy identification of the product by the consumer versus the competitor.
  3. Space: materials should demarcate the space of the product at point of sale, isolating it from the competition, and facilitating consumer access.

The showcases are usually made ​​of cardboard for easy handling. This also means that the designer can take advantage of the use of color and print to make the point of purchase display attractive.

A point of purchase display is an essential part of the marketing strategy of companies planning to maximize the differentiation of their products and services at points of sale.

Let point of purchase display help you sell more

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