Packaging and Design Solutions for Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA and Ontario

Brown Packaging is a leader in the packaging and display industry in Canada. It has been successfully servicing Burlington, the GTA and all of South Western Ontario and all of South Western Ontario for over 30 years providing businesses across industries with a wide range of packaging solutions and displays. At Brown Packaging, we design and produce flexo printed boxes, flexo printed die cut boxes, litho mounted die cut boxes and other types of packaging as well as floor, pallet and counter displays.

Important Factors for Successful Packaging and Design

When a company plans to launch a new product or promote existing ones, a company's creative marketing team works on ways to provide their potential customers and business clients with a positive experience and increase sales. Packaging design must be appealing in order to capture customers' attention.

  • Playful and colorful packaging and design draws the attention and helps to increase brand awareness. While having a plain or average design, companies discourage their customers and lose a market share.
  • Packaging and design that stands out is more likely to be remembered by customers.
  • Packaging and design adds value to your product. The most successful companies in the world are those that are able to create both novel products and unique packaging design.
  • Packaging and design have become powerful tools to be used in a corporation’s  branding strategy.

With years of experience, Brown Packaging has developed extensive knowledge in all areas of packaging design.

  • At Brown Packaging, we provide our customers with packaging solutions which keep your products safe and secure them from breakages.
  • We are familiar with specific requirements in the retail industry as well as shipping requirements.
  • Smart packaging design can reduce your costs. Using corrugated fiberboard material is cost-effective, especially when it comes to launching new products.
  • At Brown Packaging, we use eco-friendly recyclable corrugated fiberboard

Brown Packaging – servicing Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and all of South Western Ontario.