Versatile, Affordable Corrugated Containers in GTA and South Western Ontario

Making the correct choice of packaging for transport and storage of products is a key part of the logistics process for any company. Agility and quality in transporting as well as cost to the consumer are the main issues related to logistics efficiency.

Corrugated containers are widely used in packaging. Through the years corrugated containers manufacturing companies have heavily invested in research and development, seeking to improve strength and weight of packaging. Corrugated containers are offered in different shapes and sizes, both standardized or customized, making them a very versatile product that offers many advantages:

  • Great performance when chosen effectively according to need
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Offers shock absorption characteristics
  • Versatile, used in numerous industry segments
  • Space efficient; delivered fully folded
  • Recyclable, easily disposable
  • Low cost of ownership compared to other packaging

Generally, packages for export are used only once, however corrugated containers offer cost benefit since they are reusable or recyclable, depending on your need.  This helps keep costs down.

Brown Packaging is a corrugated container manufacturer with over 30 years' experience in the packing industry. Brown Packaging's corrugated containers serve diverse market segments with varied products. Our skilled, professional technicians work closely with our clients to develop the packaging solutions that suit your requirements. Brown Packaging is committed to testing the design of corrugated containers, to ensure the protection of its contents during transportation.

Our corrugated containers offer high performance protection for your product, made with recyclable, environmentally friendly materials.  We guarantee our products and services to our valuable clients.

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