Eye-Catching Packaging and Design Can Promote your Product, your Brand and your Business

At Brown Packaging, we believe packaging and design is a great way to attract a potential customer’s attention.  Eye-catching packaging and design will promote your brand, product and business.  Customers will make a positive association between your well-designed packaging and your brand or product.  Packaging and design is not only used to protect and ship your products, but can also be an effective, affordable marketing strategy for your business.  The use of colour, logos and effective wording can add to the allure of packaging that sells products.

At Brown Packaging, we use the latest software and state of the art technology to rapidly create cost effective unique design solutions by understanding our customer’s needs.  Our knowledgeable design team will assess your packaging needs and help design and create the packaging and design that will benefit your company most.  Purchasing your packaging design at Brown Packaging will generate cost savings due to our competitive pricing, ensure your product is shipped in a safe manner and also respect our environment by using renewable, recyclable materials.

Eco-friendly Packaging and Design Manufacturer will Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Environmental responsibility plays a large part in all businesses today.  At Brown Packaging, our team uses renewable, eco-friendly materials to create packaging design that respects our environment. Our paper based packaging is an environmentally friendly solution to protect and display your products for the following reasons:

  • The recycled content is high and once used it is completely recyclable.
  • We focus on minimizing the carbon footprint of all the products that we design.
  • We ensure our paper supplier adheres to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative or the Forestry Stewardship Council guidelines.
  • We invest in initiatives and equipment to further reduce material content required in our products.
  • We support organizations like PPEC that are trying to help make a difference and lobby governments to make the right decisions.

Brown Packaging has been creating high-quality packaging and design for over 30 years servicing Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, the GTA and all of South Western Ontario.