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Sales and Customer Service:

Our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff is an integral part of our business success. Their primary role is to understand our customer's needs and communicate them to other departments within the company, we are very proud of the many long serving employees we have in Sales and Customer Service. Their thorough understanding of the products and services we provide ensures fast turnaround on enquiries and pricing.

At Brown Packaging we have built our reputation on providing outstanding customer service and quality. Here is what our customers have said… (click here for our Testimonials)


In addition to our ISO 9001-2008 certification we have adopted 'Lean Manufacturing' and 'Continuous Improvement' practices. We are extremely proud of our clean and organized production facility which is well equipped with high speed modern equipment including flexo folder gluers, rotary and flat bed die cutters. In addition our finishing department can apply a range of closures (glued, stitched or taped) as well as a variety of specialty products, assembly and co-packing.

We welcome plant tours – call our customer service department to arrange.


Utilizing our own fleet of trucks enables us to quickly and efficiently deliver finished product to our customers on time, every time.

Our warehouse system ensures that inventoried product is stored in a safe and organized manner. We are able to accurately track all products through our computerized inventory management system.

Inventory Minimization

Excess inventory is costly because it affects cash flow, takes up valuable space, becomes obsolete or damaged and is often difficult to manage.

Let your Brown Packaging sales representative help. We will conduct a free packaging audit which will identify opportunities to minimize these problems and we will work with you to:

  • Consolidate items – through redesign reduce your number of sku's.
  • Identify appropriate run sizes as per your usage
  • Ship what you need when you need it
  • Monitor what's on your floor

Design & Technology


Design is the foundation upon which everything else is built. With over 40 years of combined experience, and using the most advanced CAD software available in our industry, our creative and effective Design team will ensure that you get the right product to suit your needs.

Using both ArtiosCAD and Cimex software, we are able to rapidly create cost effective unique design solutions. Prototype samples are then cut on our Kongsberg sample table, for design verification and customer approval.

Let us conduct a free packaging audit which we are confident will result in some of the following benefits.

  • Generate Cost Savings
  • Create Savings in your packaging processes
  • Give your packaging the protection it needs
  • Reduce your inventory requirements
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint